16 Dec 2017 : Sylhet, Bangladesh :

25 July 2016 যে কথা হয়নি বলা  (পঠিত : 1350) 

*** Life flows in ***

*** Life flows in ***

Alamgir kabir. এর লিখা।   রঙের বাড়ই   পাতা থেকে


Life flows in a trend. Sometimes curly, sometimes maybe an uneventful passage. I wonder if there is anything to stay alive, but to enjoy life through good deeds should be the main goal of human life itself. Survival after death, so that when people talk about the work that is done. Life in human welfare, is dedicated to the welfare of the country. I am of the generation that I could do, some do not. I can only my life, life, period, and made my heart drop all bhalabasatuku raktakana.

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