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1 June 2014 হ য ব র ল  (পঠিত : 1894) 

Letter of full Heard

Letter of full Heard

Jakaria Mollick এর লিখা।   রঙের বাড়ই   পাতা থেকে


Women are not flowers

Worship to Goddess feet!
Pujita, though you smell sweet fragrance, you are not a flower, you are woman. You are the woman, gladdened leisure exist in the tune of music of which. It is you should be ascended to the seat of Goddess. Goddess is not a flower: she receives the worship of flowers, Flowers smell sweet fragrance: Goddess receives sweet fragrance. Seat of Goddess is upper than flowers. Flower glory exists in sacrificing itself bowing down to the feet of Goddess. I am a garden, garden of flowers. Root of my flower is soil. Lineage is extended in the name of breed in all petals of my flowers. These flowers are not worthy of worship.
And Goddess! Goddess is high thought. Between my flowers and Goddess exist soil, river, water, air, shadow, clouds: then the sky.
Seat of Goddess is in that sky. Flowers of soil fade away. At this, it does not matter to Goddess. For, worship of not a factor now. Many gardens, many flowers are passing time in expecting of worship. Many flowers keep their bodies wet with morning dew every day.
Goddess ascends with more satisfaction now than before. She receives flowers and give away light and air.
Then, life flavor with blue in the sky
The song is both for recall of and prayer of Goddess. It is the blessed confidential consent of Goddess. Goddess is the container of imagination. Appearance of Goddess is in everywhere – light, air, water, soil, clouds and forests. Besides, relationship of Goddess with her devotee exists in exchanging minds: easy access to Life Sea with human life. Expecting so, I leave all including home and come to the forest only for you. I am expecting the flourishing seeds of declared by the life pierced with heart.

Banochari Shandhani

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