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14 March 2014 যে কথা হয়নি বলা  (পঠিত : 1679) 

Manipuri Muslims inhabited Villages in Tripura.

Manipuri Muslims inhabited Villages in Tripura.

Md. Abdus Samad এর লিখা।   রঙের বাড়ই   পাতা থেকে


The Manipuri Muslims now live in Tripura are the people expanded from Bangladesh. Their forefathers were migrated to Sylhet (Bangladesh) from Manipur during the time of Burmese invasion of Manipur from the period of 1819 to 1826 A.D. When they were living in Sylhet town under the protection of British authority, the then honorary District Magistrate and Zaminder of the Prithimpassa zaminder estate, Nawab Mohammad Ali Khan brought all the civil Muslim migrated to Longla, where Zaminderbari/palace of the Prithimpassa zaminderi estate was situated. Some Manipuri Hindus also accompanied with them. Later on they were allowed to settle in the Bhanugash valley, now under Kamalganj U.Z. That’s why the Manipuri Muslims were found concentrated only in Bhanugach velley of Moulvi Bazar District, whereas Hindu Manipuri’s were found inhabited spreading all over the Sylhet including Sylhet Town. After living there for several years some people of them went out in search of new land to expand their settlement and they got it. The huge un-cultivated land situated in the Tripura State attract them. Some of them settled there. The Maharaja of Tripura State received them warmly. He extended all his co-operation to the new settler. He appointed one Manipuri Muslim as their leader. Later on he appointed Mr. Kamal Mia of Manikvander as Zaminder of of the area. He titled him as Chowdhury. His son Mr. Gahar Ullah Chowdhury also got Zamindari of the area from Mahaja Radha Kishore Dev Barma after departure of his father. Their Zamindari was extended up to Picrai (present Manikvander Chara) in the north, Nakpul Chara in the south, Dholai river in the east and Kala Pahar in the west. Still now the system of taking clearance from the Chowdhuries family during the time of handing over and taking over of land is still continue. Late Mr. Safi Ullah Chowdhury son late Mr. Gahar Ullah Chowdhury was also a renowned person of the area. The List of the Manipuri Muslims inhabitant villages in Tripura are given bellow:-
Serial Number Name of Villages Address

1. Lata chhara, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
2. Methirma, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
3. Halali, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
4. Latiabil, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
5. Manikbhander, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
6. Kamalpur, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
7. Molaya, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
8. Borobari, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
9. Kalachhara, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
10. Bhumiheen (Abhanga) , Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.
11. Kaima Chhara, Kamalpur, Dholai, Tripura.

A copy of the Forman (Order) giving Cowdhury Hudda (Zamindari) to Mr. Gahar Ullah Chowdhury by Mahaja Radha Kishore Dev Barman is on my possession.

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