18 Dec 2017 : Sylhet, Bangladesh :

11 November 2013 সমসাময়ীক বিষয়  (পঠিত : 971) 

Sylheter Unnayon


Noor Chowdhury এর লিখা।   রঙের বাড়ই   পাতা থেকে


we are all sylhety loves our Holy City Sylhet from our core of heart. we all sylhety at home & abroad are keeping contacts with our relatives & friends at home & village. but the present picture of Sylhet City/ town is not clean & living friendly. Our present Mayor Mr Arif is active & dynamic . we all should extended our hands to support the present City Corporation to build & developed a "New Sylhet". Regards. Noor Chowdhury.

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