21 Nov 2017 : Sylhet, Bangladesh :

18 December 2013 সমসাময়ীক বিষয়  (পঠিত : 902) 



MASUM AHMED এর লিখা।   রঙের বাড়ই   পাতা থেকে


We live in an age of science. We feel the influence of science at every moment. It has made our life easy and comfortable. Indeed modern civilization is based on the gift of science.
Science has won time and space. It has invented many quick means of communication. A man can easily communicate with all by dint of science as it has given us telephone, telegraph, fax, mail, internet, and other media of communication.
The invention of science is to do good to human beings. Science brings happiness and prosperity. But of it is misused, it may bring destruction.

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